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The new iPhone 5 will almost certainly feature a better antenna, but what other new features will the consumer tech giant have to offer? Follow along with our live blog

Technology News Gallery: Oct. 3

Our weekly look at the happenings of the IT industry through images gathered via IDG News Service. This week: the other tablet launch, the war on supercookies and 3D without the glasses

Watch the final Space Shuttle launch live

Courtesy of NASA and Ustream, live coverage of the final launch of the space shuttle Atlantisrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrn

CWC THIS WEEK: The father of Canadian computing

VIDEO PLAYLIST Kathleen Lau chats with Canadian computing pioneer Calvin Gotlieb; Sony digs out after an earthquake and tsunami; opportunities for women in IT

IT can be challenging, but is it brain surgery?

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A rookie in name only

Les Affaires has long been the publication of record for Quebec

Strength in numbers for ‘women in IT’

IT LEADERSHIP AWARDS The whole point of

Educating tech industry

IT LEADERSHIP AWARDS: University of Toronto professor Greg Wilson took home the ComputerWorld Canada IT Educator of the Year award after supervising more than 150 undergraduate students on nearly 100 projects

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