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Internet will vanish Monday for 300,000 infected computers

Although millions of machines have been purged of the malware, experts believe tens of thousands still have the DNSChanger

Microsoft-backed groups praise EU’s antitrust ultimatum

Threat to Google over alleged anti-competitive practices draws pleasure from groups supporting one of the search engine's determined competitors

New iPad owners pay big dividends for Apple

Twenty-five per cent of iPad buyers are new to Apple, says an industry analyst. The tablet has replaced the iPod as the device that brings customers in

Corporations pick iPad 10-to-1 over other tablets

Key to the device's continuing popularity is user satisfaction, according to a survey of businesses

Experts sound worm alarm for critical Windows bug

Microsoft tagged one bug with an exploitability index rating of "1," meaning it expects reliable exploits to appear within 30 days

Apple out of new iPads for Friday delivery

It appears that once again demand has outstripped supply for an about-to-be introduced iPad. If you've already ordered one in Canada, it will be a few days late

Apple’s ‘new iPad’ gets high-res screen, LTE

Resolution and grapics performance doubles on the new tablet, but no Siri. Meanwhile the price of iPad2 drops by $100

Microsoft releases first Office app for iPad

The OneNote note-taking application now runs in full resolution on Apple's tablet. Coming are iPad, iPhone versions of Microsoft's Lync client

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