Articles Related to wearable technology

How to avoid consumer pain points around wearable medical technology

While there is currently an overwhelming sense of opportunity within the wearable technology sector, research revealed a pressing need for technology providers and digital health application owners to prioritize user experience.

Garmin moves into new Alberta headquarters

There's a new tech headquarters in Canada - and it's not located in Toronto or Montreal.

Driving the use of wearable technologies in transportation

The high cost of smart wearable devices remains one of the major challenges to this technology, together with data privacy and security issues. Companies should look at how these wearable devices could provide benefits in the area of transportation.

IDC predicts ‘augmented humans’ will implant technology in their bodies in by 2021

IDC has identified its fourth platform of technology for 2017 - human beings. Also, open source is getting more popular.

Are wearables fit for clinical trials?

Will wearable technology move from fitness to the world of clinical trials? They are certainly attracting attention from both healthcare and life science laboratories, as well as the boardroom.

5 sectors where enterprise wearables are starting to fit in

Artificial reality glasses, particularly Google Glass, are being rolled out for employee use in field services, automotive manufacturing and medical, among others, to improve accuracy of tasks and overall productivity

10 lessons IT departments learned from the summer of 2015’s biggest blockbusters

From Jurassic World to Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, we round up the gadgets and gear that proved most illuminating for real-world technology pros

Salesforce banks on wearables with 20 enterprise Apple Watch apps

As smart watches hit the mainstream market, the CRM specialist is trying to show businesses there's potential value for them, too. We highlight three examples

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