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Ottawa’s Pythian dives into cloud-based analytics with new platform Kick AaaS

After two decades and a deck of 65 slides, Paul Vallee finally got around to holding the first official product launch in his Ottawa company’s...

Improving the Point of Sale experience for customers

When Moneris Solutions headed to San Jose for NetSuite Inc.’s global SuiteWorld conference in May, it could’ve just promoted its cloud payment API solution with a mocked up version in a booth. But it went a step further.

IDC predicts ‘augmented humans’ will implant technology in their bodies in by 2021

IDC has identified its fourth platform of technology for 2017 - human beings. Also, open source is getting more popular.

The unhealthy state of CIO influence in Canadian health care

A recent CanadianCIO roundtable discussion with Red Hat shows IT executives have all the symptoms of a major corporate disconnect

How CIOs are sizing up their storage-as-a-service options

CanadianCIO's latest executive roundtable looks at the concept of "cold" data, "low impact" data and other strategies

The omni-channel challenges CIOs must overcome

Candid comments from our most recent CanadianCIO roundtable event show firms are struggling with making their Web presence work

Cisco invests in Waterloo incubation centre, research

Company will invest $1 million over next five years in smart grid research chair at U of Waterloo

Toronto university launches new digital internships

The program will provide OCAD students and grads with six-month paid stints at Canadian companies in various digital and design fields

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