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Green computing tips for the Mac user

Increasingly, Mac notebooks and desktop computers are finding their way to the enterprise. Here are some advice on how you can save energy

Intel offers ultra-low voltage chips for full-function netbooks

The battle for the netbook market heats up as Intel mulls releasing this year an ultra-low-voltage processor designed for inexpensive ultraportable laptops. The product will compete with AMD's new Athlon Neo chip

Mobile network builder looks to IKEA for inspiration

Developing countries often lack people with technical skills, so a Swedish-Indian startup has taken assembly ideas from the furniture maker to make it easier to set up a wireless network

Microsoft sees little data centres everywhere

Microsoft believes movable shipping containers filled with servers -- so called portable data centres -- will be key to supporting increased demand for online services. A company engineer urges manufacturers to make equipment specifically for this model

Kelowna firm spends $75M on green data centre

A partnership between IBM Canada and RackForce will see an energy-efficient facility built for the customers of gigaCenter Services Corp. Why location matters as much as the technology

Get gadgets to do the hard work for you

Before you can keep track of how successful you are at reducing your impact on the environment, you need to know what your impact is. A slew of gizmos and software programs can get you started

Green buildings demand employee sacrifices

Most green buildings don't look like typical office buildings. They often have stark, modernistic designs and are made of Space Age materials. Time for a cultural shift

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