Articles Related to vendor relationship management

Project Prospects: To bid or not to bid?

You might think you can win an RFP, but it doesn't mean you should gun for it. Qualify that opportunity with this guide.

What IT leaders can learn about ethics from Mike Duffy

Talking to your peers might help you avoid some of the pitfalls they have found dealing with expenses for consultant and vendors, and asking the experts should be a default.

Who do you blame when IT breaks?

The findings of the Uptime Institute, which has been collecting incident data since 1994, may draw criticism as few internal IT operators or their vendors take blame easily

How to transform strategic supplier relationships

Forrester analyzed examples of collaborative, mutually beneficial, successful buyer-supplier relationships, and identified three characteristics that are key to a successful partnership

The new IT vendor landscape in 2012

INFOGRAPHIC A hand-picked selection of the technology company mergers and acquisitions that mattered this year, from IBM and Oracle to Microsoft, HP, and more

Shell CIO’s vendor rules of engagement

An inside look at Shell's Ecosystem Guiding Principles mandate, which governs how its 11 core vendors should treat the company, and each other

The Annotated Feature: Lies my vendor told me

The City of Windsor's executive director of IT offers his comments on a story about vendor relationship management from our U.S. sister publications. Can you trust the firms you work with?

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