So many IT supplier M&As, so little time for CIOs to pay attention to them.
The past year has continued to see a whirlwind of smaller software and hardware firms gobbled up by the larger players. While products and services around data centre automation seemed to attract the most attention a few years ago, in 2011 the emphasis was on enterprise business applications, social media listening tools and human capital management. 
We’re hoping Canadian CIOs can use the infographic below to keep themselves and their team up to date on who owns what — at least for now. This list is by no means exhaustive — we’ve ignored the slew of primarily consumer buyouts by Google for example — and there may still be a few last-minute takeovers before we ring in the new year (at this infographic was completed, for example, IBM announced its intention to purchase supply chain analytics firm Emptoris). 
Use the comments area below to tell us about any major deals we missed or left out, particularly those that might have an impact on enterprise IT strategies in 2012. 

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