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IT job seekers face hot, yet terrible, market

Some companies won't settle for less than the brightest, and still get outbid for talent, while others simply can't attract workers to fill openings

IBM freezes salaries of executives, many workers

Only employees with high-demand skills will get raises; may be part of aggressive plan to meet goals of 2015 roadmap

‘Nuclear free’ city grants waiver for HP

Calgary company inadvertently dragged into municipal rule forbidding purchases from companies linked to nuclear weapons production

Outsourcing allows ability to refocus IT

Most of the IT support tasks at Consumers Energy are being shifted to IT services provider HCL America, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based subsidiary of India's HCL Technologies

MIT and others launch a tech education revolution

These open-education programs may soon create a dilemma for students who are deciding where to invest their time and dollars. For now, this is such a new area it isn't clear what role these programs will play

Ease vs. risk: Remote data centre power management

You can now run just about anything in a data center remotely

Emerging software tools help boost IT spending projections

Case management tools, automated spend analysis, services procurement, supplier risk and performance management are all helping shape the technology budgets of the future

What IT managers say to get the CIO’s OK

At many large companies, the CIO is increasingly seen by the technical staff as someone from the business side and with limited technical knowledge. That may be the first hurdle

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