Kim S. Nash

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American Airlines CIO steps down amid bankruptcy

After 11 years as the company's senior technology executive, Monte Ford decides to move on. In an interview just before his exit, he reflects on a wild ride

How CIOs can avoid future shock

Traditional strategy focuses on scenario planning. "If this happens, we'll do that." But people fail to realize there are two types of trends: hard and soft

Shell CIO’s vendor rules of engagement

An inside look at Shell's Ecosystem Guiding Principles mandate, which governs how its 11 core vendors should treat the company, and each other

CIOs need a new generation of business problem-solvers

The president of ICEX and a professor at Boston University talks about what it takes to mold a new generation of IT leaders

Taking the Guesswork Out of Mobile BI

Taking BI with you can be an agonizing task, but also an incredibly beneficial one

How Data Mining Gave KKR A Competitive Advantage

Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts built an analytics system from the ground up using its own portfolio and industry trends

Four tips to help your team when disaster strikes

IT leaders who have been through disasters have rethought what to include in business-continuity plans. Learn from the best

How to spot a future leader

Cora Carmody, CIO of the $10 billion Jacobs Engineering, identifies leadership potential in staff two and three levels below her by closely watching the way those workers behave

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