Articles Related to unstructured data

Riding the wave: harnessing the power of data

Sometimes it is the small things that data can point to that can make a huge difference. For a Brampton-based company, a simple analysis of...

The Definitive Guide to Big Data

If you ask people in IT what big data is, chances are you'll get a variety of answers. The answer may depend on an...

SAP HANA pushes data warehousing to the cloud

The days of running a report overnight from day-old data are gone, as businesses look to be more agile and crunch even more data from more sources

SAP highlights partnerships and new integrations with HANA upgrade

SAP doubled down on HANA as its future technology platform for running all of its own applications, plus integrating with partners and customers as...

New Google Search Appliance released

New model will allow for searches across more diverse data sources

Data, data, everywhere

The challenge of unstructured data and what to do about it

SAS introduces social media analytics to enterprises

There are dozens of social media measurement tools out there, but this one might be the first to comprehensively tackle the space. An in-depth look at SAS

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