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Harry Rosen brings its personalized in-store experience online

Can a high-end retailer offer a digital customer experience that matches the personalized service it’s known for in-store? Can a decades-old company undergo digital...

Digital transformation requires performance, low latency solutions

No doubt, workplaces are going through a digital disruption, thanks to the rapid pace of innovation. With advances in compute technology and progress in...

Under the Hood: Store-I.T. from Jolera

ITWC does a case study of a technology it relies on for backup storage

VMworld: CEO panel on cloud security

Security is still a big challenge in virtualized environments, vendor heads tell conference. But they suggest there are ways to meet it without walling off business

VMware gives peek at workspace in a cloud

On the second day of VMworld the company shows a suite that can offer separate personal and business workspaces for staff on the go

VMworld: New CEO, cloud suite, pricing model

Conference report: Listening to unhappy customers, the company returns to CPU-based licencing. Incoming chief admits pricing by vRAM is now a 'dirty word'

Why social businesses need marketing-savvy CIOs

Forget about traditional notions of B2B or B2C. Today's market is based on people-to-people, experts at a recent conference said. And it will change the demands placed on IT leaders everywhere

BYOD? Bring it on!

Users want their own devices at the office, but the fears remain rampant. The head of IT security at ATB Financial walks through his organization's approach to grappling with the consumerization of IT

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