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Disaster recovery plans meet insurance policies

A good DR/BC plan can get you better insurance rates and wider coverage. Learn more about which of your IT assets you can insure and what insurers like to see in your plan

Toronto firm drives communication at Subaru

Microsoft Lync is making employees more productive, says a Subaru Canada executive

Microsoft patches IE10, Windows 8, Word

The company has patched a total of 12 vulnerabilities in its software this week, nine of them critical

Microsoft demos Windows 8 enterprise features

Windows 8 devices will make the BYOD era more productive for both companies and their employees, Microsoft says

Analysts: IT skills gap hitting Canada hard

Demand is quickly outpacing the supply of skilled professionals, due to multiple problems with attracting the right talent

Cloud and the IT ‘dinosaur’

OPINION New technologies don't die. We just call them something else

Three IT predictions for 2013

It's that time of year again. At IT World, we're all coming up with our own IT forecasts for 2013. Unlike some others, I'm...

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