Articles Related to source code

Appeal court rules in favour of open source

A court ruling in the U.S. says open source licensors have a say in how their software is modified and distributed. How developers can stay on the right side of the law

Decimal buys finance vendor Amadeus

The Quebec companies announced a deal which will transfer most of Amadeus

Google expands its Code Search site

Google has updated its Google Code Search site for finding publicly available source code, adding greater coverage and improvements in ranking and access.

Opening up to open source ERP

When Mark Alperin went looking to replace his aging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in 2006, he found himself in the same place as many CIOs of mid-size companies: Not feeling terribly sought after by software vendors who prioritize large enterprise accounts, and facing few choices

Second Life looks toward open source

The 3-D virtual online community of Second Life is teaming up with the real-world open-source software development community.

Lost Packets

A Florida judge has rejected a U.S. Congress candidate

Human factor a key threat

If security is a people, process and technology problem, the weakest link in the chain are the people and the number one target in companies today is the help desk, which has access to critical systems information.

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