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In conversation with Enterasys CEO Chris Crowell

The head of the privately-held networking company talks about fabrics, software-defined networking, and bring-your-own device

How Google’s OpenFlow backbone works

Using software-defined networking, the search engine giant gets close to 100 per cent utilization of its WAN links

Siemens to increase scalability of OpenScape UC

Three years after being sold to a private equity group the UC equipment maker is making a big move to appeal to enterprises. It will be hard, warns an industry analyst

The new cloud tool kit

Nomenclature aside, one question about this business model for IT departments remains: How will you manage it holistically?rn

Collaboration success edges closer

Do you lock out Facebook and Twitter to encourage use of your internal tools? Do you deploy software, name someone to lead the program and wait for something great to happen? Where collaboration stands today

HP puts the net pedal to the metal

Marius Haas, general manager of Hewlett-Packard

Cell-WiFi convergence based on novel approach

Start-up Agito Networks officially removed its cloak of invisibility with the announcement of the company and its first product, an enterprise router designed to pull company cellular phone traffic onto the corporate Wi-Fi network when employees are on-premise.

Human factor a key threat

If security is a people, process and technology problem, the weakest link in the chain are the people and the number one target in companies today is the help desk, which has access to critical systems information.

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