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What’s the big deal about Hadoop?

How to get started with an enterprise-ready version of Hadoop

Emerging ERP Apps Stores Could Change ERP Buying

Choosing your company's next mission-critical ERP system might have just gotten easier. ERP is soon to be featured in its own app stores

Census to track open source software

Next year, the Open Source Census aims to make it easier for businesses to find data about open source software

Second California lawsuit against e-voting systems vendor

San Francisco joins the State of California on the list of lawsuits over uncertified ballot-marking devices

IBM joins to widen its reach

Big Blue hopes to develop feature enhancements and help push broader adoption of the OpenDocument format standard used in the suite. A Sun Microsystems executive reacts

Linux community split on Microsoft patent claims

The Linux community is splitting -- right down the middle, at this point -- over Microsoft Corp.'s controversial claimsthat the open-source operating system infringes on patents it holds.

Dell confirms it will offer Linux on PCs, laptops

After floating the possibility last month that it might begin selling some of its laptops and desktop PCs preloaded with Linux, Dell Wednesday said that it will definitely offer Linux on select desktop and notebook computers due to consumer demand.

Red Cross pumped IT resources into DST work

To make sure its systems worked properly after the time change took effect, the nonprofit agency began grappling with the DST issue late last year

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