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Oracle keeps hope alive for JavaFX, Java on iOS

Upcoming JavaOne technical conference also will focus on enterprise Java and the Java Virtual Machine

Apple popularity boosts Objective-C language

C++ has been overtaken for third spot by the latest survey by a ranking index, thanks in part to iPhone and iPad developers

Hadoop becomes critical cog in the big data machine

As more and more companies use Hadoop to handle big data, anticipation for forthcoming Version 2.0 grows

Eclipse app developers moving to mobile

Android and iOS are the top target platforms for developers within Eclipse's open source community, survey says

Oracle to Spring developers: Convert to Java EE

But Spring's founder says the two technologies can co-exist and Oracle's claims are financially motivated

JavaScript founder dismisses Google Native Client

Brendan Eich says forthcoming ECMAScript 6 is sufficient and Native Client lacks necessary vendor support

Jira 5.1 will focus on scalability for enterprise clients

Atlassian's project-tracking software also will get better throughput and dedicated enterprise supportrn

Open source Java moving to Linux, AIX on PowerPC

SAP-steered proposal brings OpenJDK to new platforms

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