Replay Solutions is set to ship Monday a version of its software recording and replay technology for Java applications, helping users to find execution errors.

ReplayDirector for Java EE follows the Windows version of the software. Users can record the activity of software applications and application servers for purposes of tracing problems and finding root causes. Applications are virtualized and re-executed so users can fast-forward to the problem area.

“A lot of our customers refer to it as a DVR,” for software, able to record and replay software activity, said Jonathan Lindo, CEO of Replay Solutions.

“Where a lot of the time is spent in trying to resolve issues oftentimes it’s simply in trying to reproduce the issue,” Lindo said. Errors found can be coupled with a debugger, profiler, or diagnostic tool to correct code. The product eliminates the need for a search and trial approach to recreating and fixing issues, Replay said.

The product enables cost reduction by eliminating as much as 80 percent of the time needed to resolve application issues. Higher-quality applications can be made because the overall number of issues is reduced.

Also, ReplayDirector can shorten software release cycles and offer increased uptime for applications.

Future plans call for expanding capabilities of Replay Director to include change management, application monitoring, and compliance functions.

Pricing for ReplayDirector starts at US$50,000 for 10 users. ReplayDirector started out as a solution for the electronic games industry.