Articles Related to Java

Critical vulnerability in H2 database console discovered

Users and administrators are urged to immediately upgrade to the latest version of the open-source database

Out of the silo, into the container – how developers will work in 2021

Lead analysts from IDC painted a picture of how developers will be working in 2021 at IDC Directions in Toronto.

Ceridian let Dayforce acquisition supercharge its cloud-first approach

After Dayforce was acquired by larger software vendor Ceridian, it brought its leadership team and its cloud-first approach along with it.

Oracle ordered to give PC users an easy way to remove old Java SE

Settlement with U.S. regulator makes Oracle tell consumers if their devices have older version of the software

Warning issued for watering-hole attack

Security vendor cautions that Web sites are being compromised by a Javascript that quietly collects information on vistors

What’s the next programming language you need to learn?

Computing languages come and go, so developers need a handle on what's coming

Don’t yank Java so fast, says expert

A security advisor says there's a way to let Java run safely in the enterprise

The ten skills to look for when you hire for the cloud

There's demand for top-notch cloud computing skills; but what are they, exactly?

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