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Google looks to speed up the Internet

The search giant proposes enhancements for the Web's TCP transport layer to reduce latency. An industry analyst says the ideas are good

Latest Java moves frustrate users and vendors

The company is under fire for modularization, licensing, and security issues

Microsoft ships Silverlight 5

Latest release improves graphics performance. But its future seems in doubt after Microsoft said plug-ins won't work in the next version of IE

Security still a top concern for cloud app builders

Executives from IBM and Amazon crossed swords during the ZenCon conference over the seriousness of security in the cloud

Java founder James Gosling leaves Google to join startup

After just a few months at the search giant, James Gosling is taking a chief software architect position at Liquid Robotics, a small startup that, in his own words

Java 7: What’s the value for developers?

The long-awaited release got off to a rough start but it does offer a multitude of improvements for developers. Here

Enterprises to start adding NoSQL: MongoDB co-author

Non-relational systems will work alongside OLTP and business intelligence databases, according to Dwight Merriman, co-author of MondoDB

WebOS developers mourn HP’s move but aren’t surprised

Developers enjoyed the freedom to explore what the platform provided but knew its sales figures were disappointing. They speak out

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