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Report: C beating Java as most popular language

But an important PHP developer dismissed the validity of Tiobe's language survey, which has C continuing to displace Java as the most popular language

Oracle upgrades standard Java, JavaFX

Enhancements include first delivery of SDKs for Mac OS X, along with garbage collection and virtual machine boosts

Cloud Foundry is like Linux for the cloud: VMware

The company claims the focus is on letting developers write code, not manage middleware

Microsoft forms unit to engage open source community

The new business unit, called Microsoft Open Technologies, will address the gap between Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies

Forget big data. This is bigger data

Plans call for Hadoop 0.23 to run across 6,000-machine clusters, each with 16 or more cores, and process 10,000 concurrent jobs

Spring Java developers get Hadoop integration

VMware's Spring Hadoop offers link between Spring development framework and Hadoop distributed processing platformrn

Graal project seeks superior Java compiler

Advocates of Graal project, including Oracle reps, seek dynamic compiler to be used with multiple JVMs

JavaScript graduates to the server

Microsoft and others have already adopted this technology to extend JavaScript beyond the browser -- but it has limits developers must beware

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