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How Mastodon may succeed as the Twitter alternative where others have failed

The micro-blogging site Mastodon has seen explosive growth in the past few weeks, as Twitter users in the hundreds of thousands have flocked to...

Canadian Tire employees encouraged to use Facebook at Work

Retailer is first in Canada to implement Facebook at Work, a new collaboration offering from the world’s largest social network that provides companies with a separate internal platform

Five LinkedIn privacy settings you need to know

There are no games that jeopardize your privacy, and you aren't posting incriminating photos of last weekend's Halloween party. But that's no reason to ignore the privacy and account settings that LinkedIn has in place

How to tame the social network at work

They're a productivity sink and a bandwidth suck. They're a vector for malware and a gift for corporate spies. They're a data spill just waiting to happen. And like it or not, they're already inside your enterprise

Google: Docs key to long-term workplace changes

Firm bets businesses will use Google Docs to get more social; but some analysts are not so sure. Find out why

Adobe debuts Flash tools, renamed Flex Builder

Flex Builder is now called Flash Builder 4. The open source Flex framework gets updated among a slew of other development tools and technologies announcements

Four fantastic apps that will change the face of Facebook

Unlike the first iteration of the Facebook platform, these next wave of apps are less reliant on running just on Facebook; they run as standalone sites or services


Twitter and Facebook were taken down Thursday by DDoS attacks, inconveniencing users and businesses. One security expert says Twitter may be more dangerous up than down

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