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Microsoft Office 2013 fires shot at Google’s enterprise push

Microsoft puts its cloud-based Office 365 and SkyDrive front and centre with the announcement of Office 13. It has to, says one analyst, to compete with Google's online suite of tools

Twitter releases list of government data requests

Canada made 11 requests for information on users of the social network, far behind the 679 requests made by the United States

Robot and human collaboration in manufacturing

MIT researchers create algorithm that lets robots learn how to work with people

More companies are OK with employees using Facebook at work

Global consulting firm AT Kearney says allowing the use of social nets at work keeps workers happier

March Madness is the perfect storm for IT

The annual NCAA Men's basketball championship tournament creates an uproar of excitement, but games are played during the day and during the work week. Is your network ready?

McGill part of team to create tiny circuit

Canadian researchers are in a group that have built a circuit with two wires separated by the distance of 150 atoms. If practical, it could lead to smaller mobile devices

A high-tech pioneer reflects on the digital revolution

He may have been among the first to design one, but Federico Faggin says he never foresaw the changes the microprocessor would bring

Robots are taking mid-level jobs, changing economy

Our "digital helpers" may be surpassing us in some areas, but experts say high-tech workers should fair well as tech transforms the workplace rn

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