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Four fantastic apps that will change the face of Facebook

Unlike the first iteration of the Facebook platform, these next wave of apps are less reliant on running just on Facebook; they run as standalone sites or services

How to use Twitter to find a job

Twitter is about exchanging ideas and letting people know more about you based on the content of your tweets. Career and social media experts give you some advice on how to use Twitter for the find a job

Companies can share info with Salesforce’s upgraded CRM tool

Here's why the 27th release of the popular CRM software will be a boon for businesses, such as airlines, that partner for market reasons

3 terrific LinkedIn tips that get you ‘quality’ connections

How many LinkedIn connections do you really need? It's the quality not the quantity of your connections that matter, according to LinkedIn spokesperson Krista Canfield

Stop sending e-mail you’ll regret with Gmail Goggles

Free Google consumer e-mail feature can help enterprise users avoid sending out ill-conceived e-mail messages

Washington embraces Google technology

D.C. government switches to enterprise version of Google Apps for two reasons.

Why SaaS could make your IT skills irrelevant

The IT industry is now preparing for a new round of upheaval as a result of SaaS adoption of offerings from the likes of Google (with its Google Apps) and Salesforce.com that let users run applications via the Internet

Mashup uses SaaS apps to staff hospitals during hurricanes

A CIO was able to combine a scheduling tool with Salesforce.com to figure out who is scheduled to work during a major hurricane. Welcome to the 45-minute design cycle

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