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5 Google Calendar tips for power users

Read about how to customize your schedule, bring important events to the fore, and collaborate better with co-workers

Job search: Should you upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account?

Here's what you need to know about LinkedIn's three paid options, and how they differ from what you can get for free from the social media service

7 Career tips to help you negotiate better

A new study from LinkedIn finds that when it comes to negotiating in the workplace, many professionals find it uncomfortable. One quarter, in fact, admit they have never negotiated in the workplace

LinkedIn deciphers the entrepreneur

The service combed through more than 100 million profiles to decipher the qualities and characteristics of today's company founders

Why you should include volunteer work on a resume

LinkedIn surveyed 2,000 professionals in the U.S. and found that 89 percent have volunteer experience, but only 45 percent include their volunteer work on their resume

LinkedIn tip: How to use ‘signal’ to job hunt

Signal's comprehensive filters--in addition to a few other features--make it surprisingly easy to find job postings in the city, industry and any company that you want

4 personas of the next-generation CIO

CIOs of the future will no longer oversee multimillion dollar IT projects and lead organizational change through technology adoption, says Constellation Research CEO and analyst Ray Wang

LinkedIn tip: How to discover the hottest new job skills

With a new feature in beta called Skills, LinkedIn is revisiting its roots by helping users better market themselves and stay up to date with the latest job trendsrnrn

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