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Top 11 reasons your IT project could crash and burn

IT management regularly encounters projects with problematic prospects that are not progressing as expected. Here is a list of the top 11 reasons for failure, with questions that may help you save projects.

Help Wanted: IT director at Selkirk College

Check out this week's roundup of five hot career opportunities on our employment portal,, including openings at Cineplex Entertainment and Barrett Xplore

Not seeing red? Maybe you should be

BEST PRACTICES The traffic signal metaphor is useful for summarizing the status of projects, but only if you're not afraid of the red lights

The hidden cost of technology failures

Project overruns can add up to 90 per cent to the original budget and delay completion by more than seven months, according to a recent survey

Project Team Best Practices

CIOs who can deliver projects on time, on budget and as advertised are valued members of any enterprise executive team. Here are some of the key elements to successful project delivery.

Executive Development Series Wrap-up

Here's a useful summary of the eight in-depth articles about the latest trends in IT created by IT World Canada in conjuction with the University of Waterloo.

Red Cross pumped IT resources into DST work

To make sure its systems worked properly after the time change took effect, the nonprofit agency began grappling with the DST issue late last year

Analysts can bridge key corporate gaps

Ever found yourself cornered between a rock and a hard place, swamped by tech projects that seem to overshoot deadlines or budgets, or are to be written off as unrealistic or undeliverable? While you may not be able to conjure up a genie, Howard Litman says you can do the next best thing

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