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Don’t nail the coffin on IT print media just yet

Much like a recently-published obituary of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, it looks like the death of offline publications has been greatly exaggerated. Get the highlights of our reader survey

There’s nothing simple about SOA

SOA is ongoing and starts small then slowly grows as a company begins with a simple pilot, achieves a measure of success with it, and then looks to enhance the SOA function or add other applications and processes to the mix

EDS acquisition better late than never for HP

HP can finally claim it

What HP’s software team needs to succeed

In an exclusive interview, Tom Hogan talks with Dan McLean about life after the Mercury Interactive acquisition, the competition with SAP and the challenge of educating enterprise customers

The future’s so bright, he’s gotta wear shades

Cisco CEO John Chambers forecasts sunny days for the switching giant, even as clouds gather on the U.S. economic horizon. And how will the company define its consumer play?

Finding Cisco’s Next Big Thing

Emerging technologies is an intriguing new direction for Cisco as the company relentlessly scours the IT industry for new market opportunities

Cisco CIO a smooth operator

'My theory is that IT is all about moving around data,' says Rebecca Jacoby. Plus, why the smartest CIOs she knows come from a supply chain background

Web 2.0

Executives from Digg, Foundry Group, Me.dium and other companies shared their thoughts on online advertising, while a Microsoft exec explained how many impressions it takes per month to make $25 million. Why Digg

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