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Retail IT and the end of buyer frustration

Home Depot Canada uses IT to dramatically improve customer service and responsiveness, and I thought of this novel notion amid my own frustration in seeking retail human contact.

Show me the (IT) talent

By Dan McLean Pardon me for continuing to be a skeptic. I recently wrote an appeal to the IT professional community to validate through...

Who’s looking for your IT skills?

IT World Canada's second-annual salary and job satisfaction survey is repeating a familiar refrain. (see the calculator and report at: http://www.itworldcanada.com/salarycalculator/). Similar to what...

Network convergence finding its potential

Network convergence is an idea that has been around, gone around and now finally may be ready to come around.

Finding perspective amidst IT’s green agenda

In case you haven't heard, information technology is going "green" - or at least making the attempt. In a perfect world, we'd all be motivated to do our part, but a considerable amount of evidence suggests green is far from top-of-mind for many IT purchasers. In truth, many business and IT professionals couldn't care less about green.

When it comes to the Web, keep it real

Businesses seeking to develop Web applications that grab the attention of online users and customers need to follow one simple rule

A heap of digital trouble

The everlasting history of humankind is apt to be a digitized rather than fossilized legacy. We

Innovation strategies being turned on heads

Innovation in business IT has for the longest time traveled along a top-down path. Throughout history, the IT vendor community largely looked to develop systems, tools and applications specifically for larger companies. Eventually over time, these products slowly made their way down market as somewhat less functional and significantly cheaper offerings for smaller business.

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