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Microsoft shifts to utility computing model

Microsoft says over the next five years, it will develop code according to a utility computing model. Find out about the software company

Business needs to grasp Web 2.0

The deeper you dig into the what, how-to and why of Web 2.0 and social networking, the more you realize that there is way more than you might think to be discussed and considered

Executive Development Series Wrap-up

Here's a useful summary of the eight in-depth articles about the latest trends in IT created by IT World Canada in conjuction with the University of Waterloo.

Take your hands off the tiller to advance

To become senior IT manager means you've got to stop being involved in day-to-day operations.

Knicks statisticians showcase their gadgets

IT plays a major role in capturing, editing, packaging and distributing content on basketball scores, plus stats on player and team performance, to sports fans around the world. Here's how

Private Avaya must make some public noise

The networking equipment market needs a nimble No. 2 player. Plus, would you buy a unified communications suite from Microsoft?

High-tech doesn’t mean high fashion

Style overshadowed the substance on display at HP

The greening of IT: It’s about results, not technology

Rather than looking at operating IT and telecommunication systems in a

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