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For CIOs, the proof is in the future-proofing

OPINION IT leaders are supposed to offer long-term thinking about how technology will be used, but they're often caught up in short-term realities. How to be more strategic

The 24/7 CIO: Are you really open for business?

OPINION People talk about Web-based availability being critical, but how often are we just paying lip service to uptime expectations? Time for a reality check

The CIO as teacher: A great way of giving back

OPINION As a real-life IT leader, you have a unique ability to nurture the next generation of technology professionals. Why it's a lot different from mentoring your own staff

Why there’s no such thing as a ‘cloud strategy’

OPINION Enough with the "should we or shouldn't we?" dithering among CIOs. As experienced IT leaders know, there's only one way to answer that question

How to drive the IT steering committee forward

Our columnist looks at the cross-departmental groups that try to get technology strategy in corporate enterprises on track. What CIOs have to do to properly engage the rest of the business

How Canadian CIOs should practice best practices

Sure, most technology executives have heard of ITIL, but too many dismiss it as more theoretical than practical. Our columnist delves deeper into the IT Infrastructure Library's real value

The original social media: From inukshuks to smart phones

CIO Canada columnist George Gorsline writes of the perils of jumping on the social media bandwagon and the challenge of defining the audiences and objectives that different options present

Who’s the real tyrant: the user or the CIO?

OPINION Senior IT executives suddenly feel they're under siege by demanding employees who want to dictate how technology will be used in the office. Explore some healthy ways to manage expectations

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