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Rogue Firefox add-ons bring security risks

It takes time to configure a secure browser. Then uninvited plugins mess things up. If only they had uninstall buttons

Attacks on Google Book Search ‘much ado about nothing’

Canadian IT industry observers are characterizing the controversy over Microsoft Corp.'s recent allegations that Google Inc.'s online book search service violates publisher copyright as little more than a storm in a teacup

Skype: Is it hazardous to your network

While not exactly a low-profile endeavour before its recent acquisition by eBay, Skype is sure to be an even greater presence on the Internet and on home computers

Correction August 31

In a story posted Aug. 22, entitled, "Spyware eyes bigger bucks, says report," IT World Canada reported that 180solutions was among those companies that uses software that may install adware on personal computers without having received a user's permission to do so. In fact, to the best of our knowledge, 180solutions does not knowingly follow this practice. IT World Canada regrets any confusion this reported item may have caused.

Phishing figures show rise in Trojans

The latest figures from the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) offer cold comfort for anyone concerned about phishing. Although the number of attacks seems to have reached a plateau, phishing e-mails appear to be getting more sophisticated.

Agribusiness sheds legacy infrastructure

Three years ago, agribusiness firm James Richardson International Ltd. (JRI) was still running legacy green-screen applications on its decentralized network.

Privacy is dead; long live control

Ubiquitous surveillance technologies have stripped us of our anonymity. What we do, even if it's part of a crowd, no longer goes unwatched.

Ninety-seven senators can be wrong

The vote in your United States Senate was 97 to 0 - generally the kind of bipartisan unanimity reserved for proclamations supporting National Bran Muffin Month and the like.

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