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Bento and the return of the personal database

A brand-new program from FileMaker that is in preview for release in January 2008 takes the unusual step of focusing on the Mac market. That doesn't mean Windows users are left out

Microsoft poised to shake up ‘application acceleration’ space

Microsoft is poised to potentially shake up the world of application acceleration.

Open source and secret sauce

A few weeks back, one of The Tolly Group

Blogs, truth and the enterprise

Are all blogs what they appear to be? Is it honest discussion and useful facts that you are getting? Or is it the words of someone with a hidden agenda?

Vista – The calm in the eye of the storm

For all the attention the introduction of Vista has received in recent weeks, it has ironically been one of the calmest areas in the world of personal computing

Minimizing video monster

Like so many technology breakthroughs before it, IP video is finally entering many companies through the

iPhone: An enterprise Trojan horse?

Some 25 years ago,

Security, SMB offerings set to play big roles in

Firewalls and unified threat management systems that protect your borders certainly aren

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