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Rogue Firefox add-ons bring security risks

It takes time to configure a secure browser. Then uninvited plugins mess things up. If only they had uninstall buttons

Virtualization security: So far nothing

An overwhelming majority of survey respondents are using server virtualization, meaning server images are whizzing around networks. So why do more than two-thirds have no security plans whatsoever?

The security prognosticator is in

A year ago, a Nemertes analyst predicted mobile platforms would create security problems and more virtual compartmentalization of laptops. A review of those security predictions for 2008 and whether they panned out

No one gets fired for banning IM

If you are not willing to accept some risk, you should probably get off the Internet and wind up operations. Why Windows shops should not be too worried about instant messaging

How recessions make good people do bad things

As people become more desperate, they will be more likely to use IT applications to steal from the company and take revenge when they are fired. How to protect your infrastructure from the hungry hordes

How to sustain security on a tight budget

Companies that spend more than five per cent of their IT budget on security tend to report fewer breaches and malware incidents. Now may be the time re-negotiate licence contracts

Lessons from the origin of democracy

A trip to a Greek bank, with its turnstiles and cameras, offers some insights into a network security. Why the user interface is so important

Controlling ‘shadow IT’

Some see it as grassroots deployment of cool technologies; some see it as weeds growing from any crack in the IT plan

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