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Hashtag Trending Jun.16- Google cautions employees using AI; Postgres overtakes MySql as the leading open-source database; What do you do when your smart home...

Google tells staff to be cautious using AI. Postgres overtakes MySql as the leading open-source database.  And what do you do when your smart...

Database administrators urged to tighten security against RAT

Researchers say attackers are hunting for vulnerable Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases

Google Cloud launches BigQuery Omni that helps businesses get serious about their data

Google Cloud has introduced BigQuery Omni, a multi-cloud analytics solution, which allows developers to access and analyze data across the Google Cloud Platform (GCP),...

Infor builds open-source bridge to ERP

The company says integrating with open-source operating systems, databases and middleware will create cost savings all around

10 essential performance tips for MySQL

From workload profiling to the three rules of indexing, these expert insights are sure to make your MySQL servers scream

How to manage a distributed development team

A lot of managers have a bias for having employees in the same office. However, you can make better hires and have higher productivity from many developers if they work from home, wherever that may be

Joomla gets search, DB reinforcements

Joomla sites can now be run using SQL Server and PostGreSQL

Technology News Gallery: Oct. 3

Our weekly look at the happenings of the IT industry through images gathered via IDG News Service. This week: the other tablet launch, the war on supercookies and 3D without the glasses

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