Infor builds open-source bridge to ERP

Infor and Red Hat have worked together to integrate Infor’s LN ERP run on Red Hat Linux and support open-source database engines such as MySQL and MariaDB, as well as Jboss middleware, according to the company Web site.
The move to play nicer with open-source systems is intended to make it easier for customers to save money on licensing costs if they move infrastructure or services from on-premise to hybrid physical, virtual and cloud environments, the company said. quoted a Constellation Research analyst, Frank Scavo, who offfered an example: “If you’re running your Oracle database on the back end, you can’t just pick that up and move it, you have to negotiate with Oracle.” In contrast, “a customer can now move Infor LN from on-premises to cloud and not worry about re-licensing the infrastructure stack.”
Infor also stated that the open-source stack would be an “ideal” way for cloud providers to lower costs and thus make their services more competitive. 


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