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Kernel guru Greg Kroah-Hartman joins Linux Foundation

Former Suse fellow Greg Kroah-Hartman will continue to work on Linux in his new role

Researchers to cure Blue Pill virtualization attacks

North Carolina State University researchers develop virtualization security software HyperSafe in an effort to protect hypervisors from a rootkit attack

Citrix downplays Red Hat’s decision to drop Xen

The company's CTO Simon Crosby says the move won't harm Xen market share. Citrix is fighting VMware for customers in the emerging virtualization market with XenServer, based on the Xen open source hypervisor

Red Hat boosts scalability in enterprise Linux upgrade

Red Hat's beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 adds cloud features and removes Xen.

Red Hat, IBM, Novell top Linux kernel contributors

Linux creator Linus Torvalds has be overtaken by IBM, Red Hat and Novell as leading contributor to the open source project which has grown by 2.7 million lines of code since last year...

Just call it Windows 7

For simplicity's sake, Microsoft decides to stick with Windows 7 moniker for its Vista replacement

Microsoft, researchers spar over Windows bug

It was the software maker's first critical vulnerability of 2008, but the company downplayed its significance. Now, subcribers to a security mailing list are told the dangers are greater than originally thought

Coming soon to Canada: Mobile hackers

McAfee warns of the increasing malware threat plaguing mobile devices around the world. Why Canada may still not be on mobile hackers

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