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IT skills: Jumping the chasm

Many hiring experts, IT managers and CIOs believe that the tech employment landscape will be radically different five years from now as more and more companies outsource IT operations. How to prepare yourself

Career advice: Careers in the cloud

Allan Hackney, senior vice-president and CIO of John Hancock Financial Services, answers questions about the cloud abandoning IT, what to include on a resume and more

SMB adoption of virtualization outpaces enterprise

According to a recent survey conducted by disaster recovery and data protection solutions provider Acronis, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) around the world are planning to adopt server virtualization in 2012 at a faster pace than large enterprises

COBOL brain drain: Survey results

Computerworld U.S. ran a research project the use of COBOL in business and government organizations. Examine the data to see what corresponds to Canadian enterprises

Career advice: Coping with a ‘toxic’ workplace

Linda Zafonte, CIO of the New York State Insurance Fund, answers questions about difficult office environments, getting funding for training and useful skills for a cloud-dominated world

Hands on with Windows Server 8 beta

It comes with the new Metro user interface, which reviewer says is a mixed blessing, as well as improvements to Hyper-V

Career advice: Managers shouldn’t get buried in details

Doug Beebe, corporate manager of IS at Toyota Motor Sales USA, answers questions about sticking to what's important, the qualities lacking in new hires and more

Career advice: Qualities that could get you hired

CIO Dennis Hodges of Inteva Products LLC answers questions on his hiring criteria, skills needed in a cloud-based world and more

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