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Vintage technology: Inside the LCBO

How IT powers the Liquor Control Board of Ontario

Wal-Mart makes magic with RFID

Most magicians earn their keep by making things disappear. But one of the best tricks up Wal-Mart

250 million reasons for Wal-Mart’s RFID exploits

Harnessing RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to reduce retail shelf out-of-stocks and improve inventory profitability could generate $250 million in additional sales, per year, at Wal-Mart globally.

Why it’s worth taking risks

Take a risk every now and then! Go where your heart leads you, learn to sell what you believe in, work as a team, work fast, and make your idea succeed. And if you get kicked in the butt, take a few days off and start over again

Retailers work to improve system data-handling skills

The key to keeping stores stocked with the items customers want is good information, and retailers are doing all they can to keep system data clean, accurate and accessible to their suppliers

The semantics behind the Symantec controversy

Symantec Corp. and Kaspersky Lab Ltd. have been stung by criticisms of their cloaking techniques by Mark Russinovich, the software expert who created a stir last year by exposing Sony BMG Music Entertainment's covert use of anti-piracy rootkit features and their security risks.

Analyst, Forrester Research Inc.

To keep up with competitors, enterprises increasingly are demanding operational business intelligence -- analytics embedded into processes to handle exceptions and make real-time decisions.

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