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Millennials unaware of or ignoring corporate IT rules

The large number young workers who are either unaware of or unwilling to follow their company's IT policies has 'profound implications,' notes Gary Curtis, Accenture's chief technology strategist

Layoff of 1,000 workers at Yahoo looms

Already under fire for altering user profiles, Yahoo braces itself for a massive job cut, details of which which could be announced later today. Stand by as we bring you further developments

McCain protests YouTube’s removal of his campaign videos

In a letter to Google, the Republican campaign claims the videos do not violate copyright laws and are examples of fair use.

McCain sees red over YouTube’s removal of his campaign videos

U.S. presidential candidate accuses YouTube of acting to quickly on 'overreaching copyright claims'

Excel error gives Barclays more Lehman assets than it wanted

A reformatting error in an Excel spreadsheet gives Barclays more Lehman assets than it can swallow

Candidates look for an edge

Not only are the U.S. presidential candidates duking it out on the hustings, they

Twitter launches election site to tap election “Tweets”

Microblogging site Twitter has added an election site that uses its trending and search technology to perform real-time analysis of election-related posts of its users.

Obama campaign unveils online tool to help canvass neighbours

Neighbor-to-Neighbor provides names and addresses of undecided voters for volunteer canvassers.

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