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Adobe makes an interactive statement

The technology, created in Adobe's Ottawa development labs, creats a buzz at the annual MAX developers' conference. WATCH THE VIDEO DEMO

New Adobe technologies aimed at improving workflow

Quickly created animations, content-aware scaling and depth-of-field enhancement are among the new features Adobe showcased at its Max 2008 developer conference. WITH VIDEO

What’s so hot about Oracle AIA?

By Joaquim P. Menezes - With 45,000 attendees expected at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco (in a few days) and 1,500 conference sessions -...

The ‘Total Disclosure’ debate and Oracle OpenWorld

By Joaquim P. Menezes - Oracle's decision to invite bloggers to this year's Oracle OpenWorld Conference that runs November 11 – 15 has sparked...

Yahoo Messenger cruises into Web 2.0 territory

By Joaquim P. Menezes - There's an entire slew of Instant Messaging tools out there, so what's the big deal about an upgrade to...

Redmond on a roll

By Joaquim P. MenezesWhen Microsoft announced its fiscal first quarter results

Canadian wireless technology triumphs

By Joaquim P. Menezes - Notwithstanding all the dire predictions about the "end of the honeymoon phase in the Canadian mobile wireless sector," and...

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