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A painful lack of IT security jobs

An IT security pro's personal tale of a long and bloody job hunt and what it says about the industry's current state...

Five IT layoff survival lessons

rnSitting on the plane coming back home to the U.S. from our head office in Europe, I had a good deal of time to reflect upon my current employment situation and, consequently, what will...

Why it’s worth taking risks

Take a risk every now and then! Go where your heart leads you, learn to sell what you believe in, work as a team, work fast, and make your idea succeed. And if you get kicked in the butt, take a few days off and start over again

How I started my IT career

I received a short-term COBOL programming assignment at a software house in Albany that I could do over spring break. There was one problem: I didn't know COBOL. But lack of cash is a powerful motivator

How I became the IT boss by accident

My boss was leaving for another job. She asked me to cover for her until the new boss showed up. I wasn't wild about the idea. I hated management. But I decided I could handle the "opportunity to excel" for a couple of weeks. This eventually got me the job.

Development project was a

Earlier in my career, I led a project we came to call the March to Hell. We landed a contract to help a geophysical research equipment company build a new state-of-the-art control system for its underwater transducers

How to get rewarded for overt incompetence

Several years ago I found myself working at a manufacturing company where, after years of neglect, the apps that ran the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable departments were in desperate need of replacement. The IT director selected two managers, Steve and Bob, to head twin redesign projects. I won

The best defence is a firing offence

I've learned two important rules since becoming a CSO. One: You can't argue with a technology expert. And two: You've got to argue with a technology expert.

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