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Montreal Metro fires up subway mobile wireless service

Montreal joins a handful of cities in the world that has a subway system with a 4G LTE network

Toronto airport rail line to use mobile ticket system

System developed by Bytemark will let people buy Union Pearson Express tickets online, either via a mobile app or a web site

Councillor wants free Wi-Fi for Toronto

A Toronto councillor is proposing the creation of free Wi-Fi zones in the city’s parks and other public spaces. Toronto is lagging behind other Canadian...

Security feature: Getting defensive

Governments are collecting increasing amounts of data about their citizens, and the need to handle all of it in a secure way is motivating ministries, departments and agencies to improve their IT security infrastructures. Although some are embracing the new defence imperative willingly and quickly, others are finding it a much tougher challenge.

Government, industry remedy procurement pains

Canada's public sector and ICT vendors are working together to address the challenges of doing business with government. Public Sector Research's Chris Bishop details some of these procurement issues and what's being done about them.

Ontario’s long term plan for IT

The Ontario government's IT infrastructure has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Slated for implementation in April 2008, a new five-year strategy plan aims to pin down performance management with a set of solid metrics. Expect more standardized operating environments and more consolidation.

Emerging markets want more value from vendors

Developing countries in Asia offer great potential for PC makers, but companies must offer better value for users if they are to be successful in emerging markets, according to an analyst.

Ontario Ministry hot for automating processes

The Ontario Ministry of Environment (OME) hopes to alleviate the high demand of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests with the implementation of tracking and case management applications.

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