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Procurement for Public Servants 101

InterGovWorld presents Procurement for Public Servants 101, a comprehensive pointer to the many online buyer resources available to help public servants achieve efficient and effective procurement practices. It

PWGSC defends Secure Channel

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) has yet to respond to some of the Secure Channel criticism reported in the media. PWGSC doesn't answer directly, but responds rather by action. sat down with Steven Poole, chief executive officer of PWGSC, and Imran Mirza, senior director of Secure Channel, to get some answers.

10 tips for vacationing public servants

InterGovWorld takes a closer look at the online aspect of applying for a passport, the new U.S. passport laws, and how public servants can save time and energy with a passport checklist before venturing off on winter break vacation.

Peter Harder, DFAIT deputy minister quits

Peter Harder, the deputy minister at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), has resigned. rnrnJohanne Gelinas, Canada's environment commissioner fired?

Flaherty in Ottawa discussing the 3 Es and ATM fees

MPs were trickling back into Ottawa last week for the next Parliamentary session set to resume on Monday. The Conservative caucus arrived extra early for two days of meetings on Parliament Hill and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty took time out to speak with reporters.

CSIS denies U.S. warning on spy currency, warning then retracted

It has been a week since U.S. officials claimed they found spy technology in Canadian currency, while CSIS is continuing to deny any knowledge of those claims.

CATSA pumps $40 million into biometric tech

Transport Canada is set to rollout a biometric card -- with fingerprint and iris information -- in an effort to enhance their restricted area pass system for flight crews, re-fuelers, caterers and others who require access to restricted areas.

InterGovWorld Remembers pays tribute to war service Veterans and Veterans of the Canadian Forces with a special article.

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