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Ontario’s long term plan for IT

The Ontario government's IT infrastructure has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Slated for implementation in April 2008, a new five-year strategy plan aims to pin down performance management with a set of solid metrics. Expect more standardized operating environments and more consolidation.

Blocks of SOA: Building services with common symbols

Decades of siloed system design have left most government organizations with antique, rickety systems that don't play well with others. By putting new SOA wrappers on old proprietary applications, modular interfaces can be built, shared, linked, reused and recombined as needed. The utopia is infinite interoperability.

Inside the June issue of CIO Government Review

Cheap and plentiful data storage can be both a blessing and a curse. It creates the illusion there is infinite space available for data on networks. This intensifies human pack-rat tendencies to hoard data instead of evaluating what's really needed. All this accumulating data has impacts far beyond storage costs, cascading into all aspects of IT operations and management.

And they decided. . .

Voting at the Lac Carling Congress suggested that participants are in a mood to move from theoretical framework to practical solutions.

Joe Galimberti saluted

SAINT-SAUVEUR, QUE. - Senior managers from all levels of government and all regions of Canada paused at the Lac Carling Congress to hear a tribute to Joe Galimberti, one of Canada


Bridge commission deploys new network; Queensway Carleton Hospital stores with Kodak; WorkSafe BC bets on new wireless network; Improved function boosts CA Institute


Awards recognize e-Service delivery excellence, Choosing healthcare IT vendors

Borderline study

Safer, faster, smarter border crossings

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