Voting at the Lac Carling Congress suggested that participantsare in a mood to move from theoretical framework to practicalsolutions.

In a plenary on service transformation, a proposal for arepository of best practices emerged on top, followed closely bydevelopment of a knowledge management package focused on identity,authentication and authorization (IA&A).

Further reflecting a practical frame of mind, next came asuggestion for a sustainable funding model for interjurisdictionalservice transformation projects. Other choices before participantscalled for:

An interjurisdictional body supported by a secretariat tochampion and provide leadership to service transformationprojects;

A committee to work on IM/IT standards and act as across-jurisdictional standards repository;

An interjurisdictional national citizen service standardsbody;

A framework and priority setting mechanism to guide the IM/ITcommittee and national standards body, and Interjurisdictionalproject teams to carry out service transformation projects.

A round of voting on shared services identified apermitting/registration system as top choice of participants,followed closely by co-located front services and GIS acrossfederal, provincial and municipal jurisdictions.

Other shared services proposals blessed IT infrastructure as itrelates to broadband and wi-fi, local and regional approaches tosolutions and opportunities to broaden partnerships to NGOs.

Participants also voted by a 3-2 margin for aninter-jurisdictional organization to address barriers to sharedservices and assist in moving the agenda forward.

As with service transformation, voting on shared servicesreflected a strong desire to move ahead quickly with practical,technically feasible citizen-facing services.

Voting results at Lac Carling are forwarded to the Public SectorCIO Council and the Public Sector Service Delivery Council foraction.

Richard Bray ( an Ottawa-based freelance journalist and a veteran of the LacCarling Congress.

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