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Red Hat drops Xen from RHEL

Red Hat has added a number of new capabilities that should help data centers better support virtualization and cloud computing. The beta release of RHEL 6.0 removes Xen.

No excuse for lack of encryption

Almost daily, there

Office through a browser minimizes server use

A startup called ZoooS takes the best of and offers a productivity suite that avoids the dangers of hosting information in a cloud. Why the forthcoming IE8 may help

Pogo Linux and Nexenta launch storage application

The two companies said its new integrated storage system will deliver strong ROI, scalability and reliability for enterprises class users.

Ten suggestions for free storage software that works

Here are 10 storage utilities you can download and start using to manage your storage-area network , deploy network-attached storage or monitor and assess the privacy of your network.

Cisco gears up to accelerate applications

Two families of network appliances announced Thursday and now shipping from Cisco Systems Inc. may help enterprises reach out to customers and branch workers more quickly and efficiently.

HP readies to revamp storage

Hewlett-Packard is expected to revitalize its storage family with the introduction of a slew of products designed to give customers more flexibility in storing data center and remote-office information. The company says the announcements will constitute its most important storage launch ever and signal that it is ready to erase its mistakes of the past.

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