Storage server manufacturer Pogo Linux Inc. has teamed with an open source solution provider Nexenta Systems Inc. to create a new storage appliance.

By integrating Nexenta’s ZFS-based file system NexentaStor, the newly unveiled StorageDirector Z-Series aims to deliver enterprise class NAS functionality to integrated Pogo Linux hardware platforms. The joint offering also aims to include inherent virtualization to pool storage resources, improve scalability and utilization.

“We have worked with many storage companies over the years but Nexenta is the first to offer a comprehensive set of enterprise features with the convenience of off-the-shelf storage,” Erik Logan, president and CTO at Pogo Linux, said in a release. “We are excited to combine our many years of storage hardware expertise with Nexenta open storage software to create this powerful integrated storage appliance.”

Another feature allows customers to scale without limits. Unlike legacy storage solutions there are no limits on file system sizes or on the number of incremental back-ups, according to the release.

The StorageDirector is now shipping with the Z100 NAS Appliance, offering 1TB of raw storage, starting at $3,555. The Z300 NAS Appliance which includes 5TB of raw storage starts at $6,999; and the Z400 NAS Appliance with 10 TB of raw storage starts at $8,999.

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