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TEAC ships thermal disc printer

The P-55-C can print a CD or DVD with photos in less than two minutes, and has 400 dpi resolution. It has both USB and parallel ports

Naval officer may face court martial in data loss

Stolen laptop had personal details on 600,000 new and potential recruits, and banking details on 3,500 people

Holographic media promising but ‘not ready’ for prime time yet

Imagine 60 movies, 240 hours of television programming, 1.6 million high-resolution colour photos, or more than 150 million pages of text

Holographic storage device to debut in 2006

InPhase Technologies Inc. is one step closer to bringing holographic storage drives to market. On Wednesday, the company plans to demonstrate the first fully functioning prototype of its Tapestry holographic drive, which the company expects to begin shipping next year.

US presses China on disc piracy, trade issues

Rampant piracy of computer software and optical discs was one of several areas brought up in discussions this week between U.S. Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans and senior Chinese government officials during Evans' just concluded four-day visit to the country.

Iomega develops 1.5GB mini disk for mobile use

Iomega Corp. has developed a new magnetic storage disk for use in portable multimedia devices that is the size of a large coin and can store 1.5GB of data.

Lost Packets

Thinking software piracy is the way to make a few quick bucks? Think again. It appears that...

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