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Fine won’t tarnish RIM’s halo, analyst says

Reports of a record fine against the BlackBerry maker's execs won't matter to shareholders who have already digested the stock irregularities, according to one industry watcher

Microsoft-Intel layoffs take Canadian tech industry by surprise

Job cuts from two tech titans are "a cold slap of reality" for Canadian companies still in denial over the recession. How long will the doom and gloom last?

AUTODESK U: Looking to nature for sustainable design

Computer-aided architects and designers are increasingly following nature's lead. How technology makes biomimicry possible

AUTODESK U: AutoCAD 2009 gets on-demand 3D printing

Better PDF capability has been on the user community's wish list for some time. An Edmonton user tells how it will speed up design

Yahoo job cuts sign of display ads decline

Tightening budgets mean the Internet pioneer's search revenue now exceeds its display ad revenue. And that's not a good sign in a market dominated by Google, one analyst says

Bringing the office along

Technology industry experts say that as a new generation of

Tech insiders applaud Harper for IT incentives, investment

Tech industry insiders and analysts have expressed optimism over Prime Minister Stephen Harper's plans to provide tax incentives and pour $9.2 billion into initiatives that bolster growth of Canada's IT sector. The new strategy will alter government's decades-long focus on traditional industries, such as automobiles and manufacturing, and train the spotlight on an emerging growth area, they say.

VoIP disrupting telco dominance

While the Canadian telecom industry is expected to see profits rise significantly this year, analysts say this situation is not likely to last.

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