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IT 360 – On a roll with RSS

Organizations should take advantage of the relatively cheap spam-free "multiple syndication" capability that RSS offers, says Kris Hadlock, founder of Studio Sedition, a Phoenix-based Web development firm

Businesses increasing focus on the enemy within, says Cisco exec

Large organizations are increasingly looking inwards to secure enterprise applications as threats from external virus attacks diminish, according to a top executive of a data centre technology provider.

Canadian developers face tighter deadlines, higher expectations

Developers today need to be well integrated within the enterprise they serve, and have a deeper understanding and appreciation of its business needs, according to a recent survey by the Strategic Council, a Toronto-based research firm

Online auction sites provide captive market for bogus goods

Forgers are increasingly using the Internet to peddle bogus goods, according to anti-counterfeiting groups and software vendors.

Vendor agreement on specs likely to boost SOA adoption

A move by 18 technology vendors to release key service oriented architecture specifications to an international e-business standards body will boost the adoption of SOA in the enterprise, industry insiders say.

Bracing for the blight

Some three years after North America's largest power failure left more than 50 million people in the U.S. and Canada in the dark, a Toronto organization is asking that a coordinated city-wide disaster recovery exercise be launched.

Click-and-connect technology can ‘enhance’ e-commerce

A Dallas-based company says it has extended the click to call concept to offer businesses a range of client service-oriented capabilities.

Gen Y heralded as technology’s latest ‘gatekeepers’

As the line between the creators and consumers of content blur, media outfits need to rethink old business models to respond to new realities, says a recently published study.

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