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Apple, Samsung drop some claims as trial approaches

Before a California hearing starts the two sides have come to an agreement of sorts, dropping some allegations. But the trial is scheduled to go ahead

Groups hope to launch Web-funded satellites

Space enthusiasts are using crowd-sourcing to raise money for small cube-sized satellites which will broadcast marketing and personal messages

Apple admits mistake, says it’s back in EPEAT

A day after causing an uproar by leaving an environmental product review organization, the computer maker does a surprising turnaround

First telecom satellite launched 50 years ago

Telstar had limited capabilities and its life in space was short, but it helped answer fundamental questions about satellite-based communications

Driverless cars move closer in California

Legislature committee okays bill to recreate rules for automatically-run vehicles. However, car makers are insisting on liability limits

Microsoft previews Windows Phone 8

The device will use same core OS as desktop version

Microsoft to build its own tablet, the Surface

The company unveiled tablets running Windows 8 and Windows RT at a press conference in Los Angeles

First Windows ‘Mango’ Phone unveiled

The phone, launched in Tokyo, is the first of several due in the coming months. Microsoft captured 2.7 per cent of the smart phone market during the first quarter of 2011, according to IDC

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